As a company that’s passionate about ‘Making Gig Work, Work', we’ve provided our Seekers and Providers with a comprehensive update to our online and mobile App. You spoke and we listened. After all, if we want to improve the entire gig economy, we need to make sure our own platform works best for those operating within it!

Delivered through a modern, intuitive design, the brand-new GIG Seeker and Provider Apps allow users to navigate, apply, post, track and chat instantaneously, offering even greater transparency and autonomy to temp staffing.

The revamped App has streamlined the entire user interface, delivering a friendly and engaging experience. Through a vivid, colour-coded interface, the new platform embodies everything about the GIG Lifestyle – more control, flexibility, efficiency and simplicity.

On top of this, changes also include a range of bug fixes, making the UX more reliable and consistent. 

Take a look for yourself...

Updates include:

Simplified interface – new drop-down tabs makes it faster and easier to post and apply for jobs than ever before.

Colour-coded posts – jobs are now colour-coded based on role & industry, making it easier on the eyes and easier to navigate between menus.

New notifications tab – streamlined updating system allows Providers and Seekers to stay informed and be aware of the latest job applications and news.

Enhanced Seeker profiles – New iconography makes it easier to scan and source ideal candidates and jobs.

Improved payment tracking – an efficient, easy-to-navigate tracking system make it easy to understand, send and receive payment information, giving you more control and assurance.

‘Find and Seek’ – Providers can now actively nudge the right worker based off the drop-down list of ideal candidates.

General BUG fixes – a large number of bug fixes have been implemented, ensuring easier app functionality, communication, and job postings.

To learn more about GIG’s latest updates, simply download the new Provider and/or Seeker App (available over both IOS and Android) or login through the GIG Web App.

Provider App (Google Play store)

Provider App (Apple App store)

Seeker App (Google Play store)

Seeker App (Apple App store)

If you have any questions or issues then please get in touch via