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Meet our GIG Seekers: behind the scenes as a GIG Warehouse Operative.

It’s always great to hear what our brilliant GIG workers have been up to, and the hard work they’ve been doing up and down the country, including in Corby, where we spoke to Jermaine.

Jermaine has been using Gig for around 2 years, after losing work due to the pandemic. Jermaine hadn’t even heard of Corby before he started this role, he has now moved here and is a Team Leader at our iForce Warehouse.

We got the chance to chat with him to find out more about why he wanted to #ChooseGIG, and his time with us.

What made you choose GIG?

During the second lockdown, I had lost my regular income and wanted to look for work that would allow me to pick up shifts whilst in-between jobs. After initially looking and applying for work in London, I came across the idea of working away - something I’d never considered before.

The idea sounded interesting and allowed me to try something different, and travel somewhere else. Gig sorts it all out for you, they organise transport and accommodation at one of their partner hotels and all I needed to do was book the ‘gigs’ I wanted to.

I also found there were extra benefits that came with working away, including access to the hotel with its restaurant and gym.

The opportunity to start with a few shifts first was also helpful - I originally signed up for a short shift to see how it went, and after a long time staying in Corby, I have now moved here and I am a Team Leader!

How did you find working away - what are your favourite parts?

When I first started it took a little bit of getting used to, and it was a bit daunting - some of the shifts are longer than I was used to and the patterns are a little different to other jobs. But meeting new people of all ages and a mixture of cultures and backgrounds has been great. Lots of us hadn’t done warehouse work before so there is a lot of camaraderie.

As you mentioned, working away can be a bit daunting - what advice would you pass on to new starters?

Being sociable helps - you end up spending a lot of time with people. It’s also good if you’ve got something to keep yourself occupied in your spare time, whether that’s going to the gym or gaming.

For warehouse work specifically, it’s also good to make sure you’re prepared beforehand, especially if you’ve not done work like this before. It can be physically demanding and quite non-stop, so you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself, getting enough sleep, and staying healthy.

How has GIG helped you during your time here?

They’ve been brilliant. If there's anything you need there is help and assistance, so no matter what your problem is or enquiry is you are going to get help. There is a direct line, and you know who to go to.

If you’re interested in working away or just taking on new work, we’ve got new warehousing roles available. Visit our app to see the latest shifts, and visit our site to learn more about the jobs we offer.


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