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Gender Pay Gap Report 

In accordance with recent government regulations, all companies with over 250 employees in the UK are required to comply with regulations regarding mandatory gender pay gap reporting. Pay gap reports are designed to show any gap between average hourly earnings for male and female employees across the entire business. The figures below have been calculated as a snapshot of GIG’s payroll processing across the entire business on April 5th, 2022.

Inclusive of this report are the wages of both GIG’s internal operational staff as well as the workers being hired by employers directly via the GIG platform. As a part of GIG’s mission to deliver a transparent and fair marketplace for flexible shift work, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and ensure all of our workers gain equal access to the wide range of job opportunities available throughout the UK.

GIG’s gender pay gap (mean & median)


Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay = 2.1%

Median gender pay gap in hourly pay = 1.6 %

We are proud to announce that our results are well below the national mean (15.5%) as reported by the office of national statistics, 2020.


The proportion of men and women in each quartile of our pay structure illustrates the total number of men and women, split into four equal parts based on hourly rates of pay.

Upper Quartile: Men 72.87% Women 27.13%

Upper Middle Quartile: Men 68.69% Women 31.31%

Lower Middle Quartile: Men 64.45% Women 35.55% 

Lower Quartile: Men 58.60% Women 41.40%





0.2% Men 

0.7% Women 


Bonus Mean = -131.3% 

Bonus Median = -81.8%

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