About us

Who is GIG? 

GIG is a temp agency with a difference!


Utilising our innovative GIG App we are able to provide workers with a fair and transparent platform, giving them the freedom and choice to select the working opportunities they want. 


At GIG each worker can manage their own shift patterns and build a better work / life balance. 


GIG was founded in 2016 with the sole aim of building a more reliable, more flexible and better trained workforce for the future. 


Founders Antony and Daniel Woodcock have built up their careers working in the hospitality industry. As they well know, the biggest challenge when operating any business is good reliable staff! 


After years of dealing with recruitment challenges and talent shortages they decided to do something about it, and in 2016 they met a like minded entrepreneur in Riaz Ladha, and together set out to create a business that could guarantee a better workforce. That business was GIG!


Fair & Transparent 

At GIG we pride ourselves on being a fair and transparent agency employer. 


All shift details, pay rates and charge rates are fully visible on the GIG App

What is GIG? 

GIG is a fully managed staffing platform and marketplace centred around the principles of the GIG Economy. 


It allows businesses to post staffing and rota requirements that are instantaneously visible to all workers on the GIG App. This means workers are then able to apply for the shifts and rota's that they want - basing their decisions on job location, pay rate, start time, number of worked hours etc. Businesses then have the autonomy to screen and review applicant profiles to select the worker they feel is best suited to the role. 


GIG ensures its workers are afforded all worker rights and benefits, including holiday pay and pension. 


You can read more on our Gig Economy Policy Here.

Antony Woodcock

 Co-Founder & Managing Director

As a business owner in his early 30’s Antony brings a wealth of industry knowledge as well as a keen insight into current / target consumer demands.


A driven entrepreneur, Antony has been at the forefront of GIG since its conception and continues to promote and drive GIG’s values and business growth across the UK.

Daniel Woodcock

Co-Founder & Operations Director

With over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry, working with many hotels and restaurants across the UK, Daniel has built up a wealth operational and industry knowledge.


A focused operator, Daniel continues to coordinate and improve GIG’s internal services in order to deliver a reliable and trusted staffing support service.


Riaz Ladha

Co - Founder and advisory 

A successful entrepreneur and self-made businessman, Riaz has founded and operated many companies over the past 40 years. Most notably the Omni Group, one of the UK’s largest providers of outsourced cleaning and housekeeping services to the UK’s hospitality sector.


Riaz provides a wealth of business acumen and experience to GIG’s senior management team

Meet The Team


Janette Graham 

Head of Business in the North


Jack Brown

Senior Account Manager


Esther Jenkinson

Head of Marketing and Special Projects