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Our Journey

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Gig Economy

In 2012/2013 with the launch of Uber and Deliveroo, the UK was first introduced to what would become forever known as the 

Both concepts sought to give the end user and the worker greater flexibility across their every day lives. 

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Launching in

GIG saw exponential growth in an industry that had seen little to no competition or innovation for a decade. Businesses who were so used to being let down bought into GIGs ability to both fulfill and react to ever changing demand needs. 

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GIG was founded in 2014 in a bid to bring greater

flexibility & transparency

to the worker/employer relationship. GIG’s marketplace made shift work more accessible to all parties.


stadiums & events

In 2017 GIG moved heavily into

GIGs hospitality background from both a staff quality and managed service perspective lead to strong partnerships with well established businesses such as G4S and Compass. 

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In 2019 GIG identified that not only did businesses want greater flexibly in their agency staff but in their own core operations also. GIG launched a second version of its software that allowed both internal staff and agency staff to be managed from the one platform.

Now covering key location UK wide GIG looked for further growth in new industries. Focusing on Warehousing and logistics GIG started small with last mile delivery type businesses before landing larger contracts with the likes of Eddie Stobart Group etc.

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In 2020 hot off the tails of the latest immigration policy updates GIG began to develop and trial GIG Hub an offshore onshore type staffing model.

Meet The Team


Esther Jenkinson

Head of Marketing and Product Experience


Jeremiah Richard

Technical Product Manager


Tony Carnell

Regional Manager, 


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