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Top Tips

Here are some simple tips to help you find the shifts you want and need.

Create an Engaging Profile

Create an engaging profile detailing your skills, 
qualifications and any relevant experience.

Did you know that 90% of GIG Seekers use 
a clean, clear headshot on their profile?


Show off your Job History

Showing off your job history helps you stand out 
and illustrates that you’re capable of doing the job – remember to be as honest as possible!

Did you know that Seekers who show at least 2 years of job history on their profile are TWICE as likely to get accepted for gigs?

Don't forget to rate

You can rate Providers based on your experience but remember, GIG Providers can rate you back. Putting in a good shift will give you a ‘thumbs up’ on your profile so you stick out from the crowd.


Did you know that a high Seeker rating can
boost your profile views by up to 200%?


Cancelling a shift

We totally understand that life can get in the way, after all, it’s the GIG Lifestyle! However, you must provide at least 24 hours-notice for any cancellations. Without doing so you risk being taken off our database.

Did you know that providing at least 24 hours-notice will NOT affect your profile rating?

Getting paid

Monday is pay day! We like to provide our Seekers with a good start to the week.

Don’t forget, the shifts you complete this week
will be paid the following Monday, so you can
always stay a week ahead of your finances!



We want to make sure the GIG service works to the best of its ability for both our Seekers and Providers.

Seekers that are dishonest about their job
history, or who cancel a shift without
warning will be taken off our platform –
it’s only fair to the other Seekers.

Turn on the Seeker Signal!

Turning on the Seeker signal will activate your 
profile for 24 hours to let Providers know you’re available and ready to work.

Turn it on and stand out from the crowd!


Still have some questions?
Check our FAQ's at 

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