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3 ways to improve your CV and stand out from the crowd.

Having a strong CV is the first step to improving your employability, and landing your next career goal. There can be a misconception that working in flexible roles makes it harder to build a successful CV, but that’s not the case. The range of opportunities and flexibility GIG work can offer gives you a great opportunity to pick up a wide range of skills.

Here are some top tips for building a strong CV, no matter your career goals.

1) Get the CV basics right

Before working out what to add to your CV it’s important to consider the basics.

Firstly - make sure you think about the words you are using - do they apply to the roles you’re looking at? Considering what key skills are needed for those roles, and writing your CV to match, helps make the process simple. Much like filling in your GIG profile - your CV should let potential employers clearly see what skills you can offer.

That being said, don’t be tempted to lie or exaggerate. Firstly, it’s a sure way to get caught out, and secondly, it's not needed - you likely have more skills than you think.

2) Think about your skills

Even if the job you’re in right now isn’t directly related to your end goal, the skills you learn are transferable. Even if you’ve worked for short periods in a range of positions, consider each one as another step on the career ladder, giving you new experience and presenting new challenges. Things like communication, customer service, or people management can all be applied to a variety of jobs. Finding work through GIG allows you to try your hand at new things, and work out which roles fit you best.

When adding your skills onto your CV make sure to offer evidence - for instance, how has working in a customer service environment given you better people skills? Don’t just state what the

job was, but prove how your previous experience and expertise translates into your next job.

Once you’ve looked at your current skill set, it can be time to start thinking about building new ones. This doesn’t have to be through work, but might include volunteering, or new hobbies that expand your horizons. Flexible work can give you the chance to take on new projects, get involved in your community or work around your studies - all providing valuable experience for your CV.

3) Sign up for extra training

If the opportunity to build skills whilst you learn is your thing, our GIG Academy offers training opportunities and courses to improve your CV.

Earn while you learn through our Apprenticeships and online training courses, giving you the chance to become specialised in a certain field, or improve your knowledge across new roles. We have options across sectors, allowing you to combine practical, paid work with online training, and importantly - giving you all the skills and knowledge needed to boost your career.

For example, our Level 2 Warehousing Apprenticeship runs for 12 months, and allows you to gain training and qualifications that help make your CV stand out, all whilst continuing to earn each week.

For shorter term training boosts to freshen up your CV, our online courses prep you for certain industry roles. For instance, our Hospitality and Bartending Masterclasses lets you brush up on your knowledge and confidence behind the bar, particularly if this is a brand new role for you.

Joining GIG can be the first step to a successful career, with a variety of flexible shifts to suit you. To sign up, visit this page. Or, find out about our training opportunities here.


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