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What flexible temp job is right for me?

It can be difficult finding the right job to suit your skills, schedule and circumstances. Flexible shifts like the ones we offer can give you the chance to find out what works best for you.

Here’s a few examples of the opportunities available through the GIG app, and some of the key things that might make you the right person for the job.


Typically bartenders are confident people who enjoy working around others and

interacting with customers. And, when mixing up a storm behind the bar, there’s no doubt being a bit of a natural-born performer can help.

But most of all, bartending can be the ideal work for the night owls. If you work best after dark or want to have more flexibility in your schedule then bar work can be a great fit.

Kitchen Porter

Kitchen porters require attention to detail and good time management. If you’re a well-organised person then you’ll have what it takes to keep a kitchen running smoothly.

This is a great role for anyone looking to gain that extra insight into the running of a commercial kitchen and can help you build the skills needed to work your way up the ranks.

Warehouse Operative

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get on with things and get your work done, warehouse work can be ideal. With a range of tasks often involved, good organisation and having a knack for logical and logistical thinking will make you well suited for these roles.

If you work well as part of a team, but are also able to stick to tasks and get things done by yourself, this can be a great job option for you. Particularly, this role will suit you if you enjoy being active and don’t mind being on your feet - but you’ll also need to be able to cope with occasional heavy lifting too.

Customer Care Steward

If you want a job where you can be involved in the action, including playing your part in some of the biggest events, then Customer Care Steward is the option for you.

A great customer care steward is somebody who enjoys helping people and interacting with others. As a customer-facing role, you’ll need to be good at thinking on your feet and solving issues as they arise - you’ll also need a keen eye for health and safety.


If good communication and the ability to multitask effectively are amongst your strengths, then considering a role as a waiter will be an excellent choice.

You’ll need great customer service skills, and a top memory to keep things running smoothly, but it will also give you the chance to show off your personality and engage with others.

If you’re interested in the world of hospitality - this role is a great place to start!

When can I start?

If you’ve found a role that sounds like it suits you, make sure to check out our app on your app store to see the wide range of opportunities available through GIG. Apply here to access all our flexible shifts, and find a job that fits with your skills, lifestyle and schedule.


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