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Brexit Advise for EU Workers

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Edit: The deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme registration has been extended to 30 June 2021.

What does Brexit actually mean for our EU Workers? 

There are an estimated 2.27 Million EU Nationals working in the UK. 2.27 Million people who are relied upon as employers and employees across the UK. With Brexit date – 31st October - coming ever closer, we wanted to help clarify to our EU Staff what they need to do.

The government have agreed to protect the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK, to ensure that they can continue to live their lives as before, even in the event of a ‘No Deal’ scenario. 

What do you need to do?

Are you a British Citizen?  Yes - No action required No - Keep reading

Are you an EU, EEA or Swiss Citizen or a relative of one?  Yes - Keep reading No - No action required - your current immigration and rights to work will still be in place.

Do you have a 'Permanent Residence Document' an 'Indefinite leave to remain' or 'indefinite leave to enter'.  Yes - No action required  No - Keep reading

EU Settlement scheme 

In the event of a 'No Deal' Brexit - EU Citizens and their families will have until 31st December 2020 to apply for a status under the EU Settlement Scheme and the new immigration system would be implemented from 1st January 2021. 

You'll need proof of:

Your identity - valid passport or national identity card and a digital photo of your face.

Your residence in the UK

If you are a relative of an EU, EEA or Swiss Citizen you need to have proof the relationship e.g. birth or marriage certificate. 

The deadline for application is 30 June 2021 if the UK leaves the EU with a 'No Deal'.

You can Apply Here for the EU Settlement Scheme

Why is the Government chosen to do this? UK nationals who went to the EU and EU citizens who came to the UK before the UK’s exit from the EU did so on the basis that they would be able to settle permanently and build a life here, or in the EU. That is why the UK has taken steps to remove any ambiguity and provide complete reassurance for EU citizens in the UK. 

Get more information here on how Brexit might affect work, living and travel. 


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