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Does the Gig Economy Care About Training and Development?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The Gig Economy is in the media a lot these days and often isn't painted in the best light. One of the most recent articles has stated that the Gig Economy is like "quicksand with workers unable to develop skills".

Here at GIG we have always gone above and beyond the general curve of the Gig Economy and are passionate about our workers and giving them the best opportunities whether thats holiday pay, pension benefits or always striving to develop and train our staff to reach their potential.

This is why back in 2019 we launched the GIG Academy to deliver training and development to our amazing worker base. Now in 2020 we are taking the GIG Academy to the next level.

We will have a brand new E-Learning platform which will be live in the Spring. This will allow workers to gain basic and more advanced learning and development opportunities and qualifications which they can add to their GIG profiles making them more likely to secure the best shifts, but also skills that can help them move up to the next level and grow their career.

We will also, in the very near future, be announcing the date for our first 2020 Hospitality Apprenticeship start date. This 12-18 month course will develop and grow all round life skills and Hospitality skills while giving students the opportunity to specialise in areas such as Mixology (Cocktail making) Barista (Coffee making) and more!

This is all while working a minimum of 20 hours per week to allow apprentices to earn while they learn, build skills put the theory into practice and get ahead in the future. Not only this but with 10% Student discounts and 30% Oyster Card discounts this opportunity is too good to pass up.

If you are interested in hearing updates on how to register Click Here and register your interest.

If you would like to sponsor an apprentice by having them work with you Click Here and register your interest.


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