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Partnerships and Redeployment in Uncertain Times: COVID-19 and WiHTL

We are very pleased to announce that GIG has joined forces with WiHTL, an influential collaborative community of leaders across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector. Traditionally they have been devoted to increasing women’s and ethnic minorities' representation at all levels, in particular in leadership positions across the HTL sector. However, more recently has been working to assist the HTL industry respond to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tea Colaianni, Founder & Chair WiHTL, commented on 1st April 2020: “According to the latest intel, over 500,000 jobs have already been lost since the beginning of March across our sector. While the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme announced by the Government is a welcome initiative to support companies to retain their employees during the crisis, many have had no choice but to let go of some of their staff already and more jobs will sadly be lost. We are inviting all businesses across hospitality, travel and leisure to encourage their employees who have lost their job to register for free on the GIG app and companies that are in need of skilled workers to work with GIG where the shifts can be posted and managed with the team and through their technology for free on the app so that as many employees as possible can secure a role in industries that are in dire need to supplement their workforces on a temporary or permanent basis at these unprecedented times.”

WiHTL is using the power of its collaboration community to bring together its members and wider Hospitality, Travel and Leisure brands to help them redeploy their redundant staff so that they have the best possible opportunities to continue to work where they are needed.

The GIG app and online platform has the ability to use its innovative GIG technology to quickly recruit, on-board and employ talented Hospitality, Travel and Leisure workers who, during this challenging time, find themselves with limited work opportunities. GIG gives them the ability to apply for available shifts that suit their experience and schedule. With a pool of highly trained workers on hand and ready to work our account management teams can quickly fill any client requirements in an extremely short timeline. We can also provide in-house and customised training for client’s specific needs where applicable.

These are uncertain times for all of us; strict social distancing measures mean that the Coronavirus is affecting every person and business in the UK and across the globe. We are working hard as a team to re-deploy our amazing Hospitality workers into other industries that are in need of extra support right now. We are aware of the huge numbers of people across Hospitality, Travel and Leisure who find themselves out of work and in need of support during this unprecedented time.

“We are pleased to be working with WiHTL at this difficult and ever-changing time for the UK and our economy. GIG’s technology was created to quickly deploy quality staff at very short notice to cover periods of high demand. We are grateful that at this unprecedented time we can assist with the re-distribution of so many excellent colleagues who have sadly found themselves out of work whilst at the same time helping businesses in Care, Warehousing, Retail and Logistics who find themselves under ever increasing pressure to meet the needs of the UK people.” Says Antony Woodcock, Managing Director at GIG. “If anyone needs our support during this time, worker or employer we are here to help.”

Staff can access the opportunities by downloading the GIG app and following the onboarding process then apply directly for flexible shift work in order to aid their earning ability and employment options during this challenging time. At GIG, the work can be picked up alongside existing employment contracts, with no obligation to apply for shifts.

If you have any requirements for staff for short term, flexible or full time please contact Antony Woodcock for more information:


Tel: 0208 600 2911

If you want to learn more about WiHTL please visit:

Or contact:

Go to the Home Page to Apply Now for flexible work.


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