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Partnering with Springboard for Change

We’ve officially partnered with the Springboard Charity to help empower and encourage workers to enter the hospitality industry and address key issues such as the sector's staffing crisis. The fact is, a skills shortage combined with tight margins, Brexit uncertainties and a harsh stigma around working conditions has made it difficult to attract the high-quality talent needed for the industry to thrive. Taking last year’s patronage agreement to a new level, the partnership aims to tackle these issues head-first and help workers find meaningful, long-lasting careers in the hospitality sector. 

...we’re here to support Springboard’s own initiatives and programmes that help so many workers across the UK hospitality sector.

So what’s our first point of action? To educate and inspire the very workers the industry needs. In partnering with Springboard, we’re able to expand the outreach of our newly established GIG Academy, helping young workers not only see the hospitality industry as a career opportunity but also as a way to build a passion and even find their calling. The Springboard Charity will play an integral role in building this platform for young workers across the UK, more of which can be found here

At the same time, we’re here to support Springboard’s own initiatives and programmes that help so many workers across the UK hospitality sector. The partnership will also include the development of bespoke events that will invite employers and leading figures within the industry to act on issues such as staffing costs, retention, Brexit fears, company culture and more.  

...we believe action speaks louder than words when comes to tackling the issues facing UK hospitality.

Springboard helps transform the lives of people of all ages, who have barriers to work and can benefit from its support, into sustainable employment in hospitality, leisure & tourism. Springboard does this by providing tailored support, quality programmes, dedicated aftercare and access to strong industry partnerships. Springboard also work alongside hospitality, leisure & tourism leaders to improve perceptions, promote the industry as a great place to work and help attract fresh talent.

As a company passionate about Making Gig Work, Work, we believe action speaks louder than words, especially when it comes to tackling the mounting issues facing UK hospitality. With the support of Springboard, we aim to do just that.

To find out more about our partnership with Springboard and how you can address the issues facing the UK hospitality industry, simply contact


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