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GIG Seeker.

Here's how you can become a GIG Seeker and earn on your own terms.
Fill in your contact details, including your job 
history and what sort of work you're looking 
for, through the GIG Seeker App.
Meet the team

Once registered, simply pop into one of our 
offices for a quick meeting. This is a requirement
by law - don't forget your ID, NI Number and 
bank details so you get paid weekly!

We provide free training for all out GIG Seekers - 
held daily between Monday and Friday. This isn't 
compulsory but will help upskill and diversify 
newcomers. Please get in touch with your local 
GIG office to find out the exact times available 
for each training session.
Get your gig
You'll now have access to thousands of shifts 
across the UK, allowing you to earn on your own 
terms. Don't forget to check out our Top Tips 
page and find us on social media for our latest 
promotions and offers!
A day in the life
of a Seeker.