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Bespoke Workforce Solutions 

We work directly with many clients across the UK with specialist staffing requirements.


Book an appointment with one of the team to discuss your current challenges and we can work with you to find a specific solution that works for your needs.


Our local


The Gig Flex offer allows you to choose a flexible staff solution to best suit your business.  


Your workforce,


High staff turnover or lack of available resource in your area? GIG Hub brings the workforce to you. 


We can help hire your team, for you

We will help you hire the best candidates for all of your permanent roles. From Front line - Senior management and everything in between. 


GIGFlex allows you to choose exactly what you need to suit your business.

Weekends? Nights? 1 day per month? Every 2nd Thursday? We’ve got you covered. With GIG Flex you are in the driving seat. Tell us exactly what your business needs and we will work around you. 

Our truly flexible offer allows you to move requirements up and down, day to day. GIG Flex allows you to manage your staffing in the best way for your business. 


Fast fulfilment


On-demand flexible staffing support


Emergency and last minute bookings


Dedicated Account Manager


In House Training, Apprenticeships and Upskilling 


Access to propriety rota and staff management software

Think outside the box

Are you stuck in the Monday to Friday 9-5 Mindset?

It's time to start staffing smart

At GIG, we hire people based on their abilities and attitude not based on how many hours a week they can work. Providing a smart, flexible staffing support solution GIG can ensure that you get all the cover you need and no more.

At GIG we will work with you to help you think more strategically about your shift lengths and patterns creating efficiencies and minimising unproductive staff hours. 

Test case – a GIG Warehousing Client




Stuck in the mindset that people will only work 8 hours, when only 4 hours were productive.




Using our GIG Flex technology, we helped them to think differently and save thousands in wasted resource.

GIG Flex - More Info

GIG's technology is powered by Staff Hive. 

The workforce management platform and worker App has allowed us to grow our business. 

With a client platform where you can log in, see how your bookings are progressing, access reporting data, and approve timesheets. You can have full transparency with all your staffing requirements with GIG and Staff Hive. 


Staff Hive V1 - Trans.png

Your Workforce Guaranteed

GIG’s offshore – onshore model gives you your very own guaranteed workforce, out of reach of competitors, in areas where available local resource is in short supply and or at a premium. GIGHub is perfect for businesses that experience increased resourcing pressures during seasonal peak periods. 


Year round or short term – you set the terms


Anywhere in the UK (Excl. NI at this time)


Guaranteed low attrition * Targeted 5%


Better trained and more productive team members


Greater productivity


Training cost savings


Rise and fall to match all your peak requirements

The Problem

Many business owners in the UK state that the lack of available talent within local markets is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. The effects of Brexit on the UK labour market have compounded this issue and a once previous labour lifeline has now been all but removed.

Our Solution

By offering travel and accommodation GIGHub brings the workforce to you by targeting more densely populated areas of the UK which have less opportunity per capita. Providing opportunities to those from areas where competition for available roles is high creates greater fulfilment and lower attrition whilst continuing to support and boost the greater UK economy. 

Test Case  - Peak 2020

Up to 550 staff delivered weekly

Increased staff productivity




£100k saving per 75 FTE heads

Successful trail led to 365 day a year delivery

GIG Hub is now on its third year of successful delivery, with multiple year round contracts and having covered Warehousing and Logistics, Hospitality, Engineering and Healthcare we have seen how this model can revolusionise and prop up businesses and areas that would otherwise fall down. 

GIG Hub - More Info

As seen in the Media.


GIG Direct is our Permanent recruitment department. 
Use our years of experience to hire the best people for your business. 

Having worked in flexible, short and long-term contracts for over a decade, there are few roles we haven't hired for.

With an existing database of over 20,000 candidates, we are able to start working on your permanent hire requirements immediately with CV's on your desk within as little as 24 hours.

Get your First Hire for just 7.5%


From frontline service roles up to general managers and everything in between.


From filling in a form to CV's on your desk in as little as 24 hours 


GIG will pre-screen all candidates and check the documents 


Fees based on the candidates annual salary


Discounts for exclusivity or Teir one / PSL supply of agency staff

Use GIG Direct to hire the best team.

Fill in our new hire request form, and GIG Direct will screen and shortlist suitable candidates. CVs will be sent for review.

GIG ensures that every candidate's RTW has been checked along with any relevant licences/qualifications. Reference checks are carried out on all candidates.

For all preferred candidates, GIG will arrange an interview between the candidate and the client, via telephone, Teams or face-to-face.

Send us your proposed offer.

Once an offer has been accepted, GIG will continue to manage the process until the new hire starts.

You can welcome your newest hire to the team.

GIG will provide continued support and performance reviews on your new hire throughout their probationary period.

GI Direct - More Info
Do you need staff?

Please fill in the form and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

What our clients say about us...

G4S Logo.png


We loving working with GIG, our industry means that our staff needs fluctuate greatly and GIG are always able to react quickly and deliver our needs. 



GIG have a forward way of thinking & aren’t afraid to try new things when other agencies will just say it is not possible. I would highly recommended GIG to another site.



GIG are an essential part of our managed operations throughout the UK, the ability to lean on GIG throughout the peaks and troughs of the year enables us to manage our resource requirements efficiently. Staff quality is always as we would expect

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