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Why it's Time Rethink Your Hiring Strategy

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

The modern workforce are looking for flexibility over and above long term stability. Companies are finally starting to come around to the fact that utilizing these on-demand workers is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Yet while this on demand marketplace won’t be fit for every organization, dependant on the nature of the business, you may find you’re better suited to using temporary staff.  Below we have outlined 5 reasons which may benefit your business:


Onboarding a member of staff to your business can be a lengthy process. Aside from agreeing to the terms and conditions of an employment contract, you are also required to check if someone has the legal right to work in the UK. Then there is the matter of handling payroll, tax, NI and other statutory requirements.

Hiring on-demand removes the hassle of HR paperwork and payroll, allowing you to efficiently get the job done by hiring the way you want; on-demand and on the move.


Sometimes it just doesn’t work out with an employee. They may have a fantastic interview, say all the right things and get off to a flying start, but somewhere down the line their situation can change. Maybe your business needs will change. Whatever the reason, hiring on-demand enables employers to quickly and efficiently replace a member of staff without disrupting the business needs.

On-demand workers arrive with a wide range of experience, ready to come in and hit the ground running. And if you find they’re the perfect fit for your business, why not ask them back next time you’re in need.


Any working day will have it’s quiet periods and you won’t want staff sitting around with nothing to do just to fulfil contracts. Perhaps you only need someone in as an extra pair of hands to cope with the busy lunchtime period? Or maybe a member of staff has rang in sick last minute? On-demand workers are ready to come in and hit the ground running, whether it’s for a few hours or a full day.  


Whilst we all try our best to forecast demand, there is always the possibility that our needs will change or that our business will be affected by an outside factor. With an on-demand workforce, you have the ability to quickly and efficiently scale your number of workers up or down as soon as you want them, as late as you realise.


This is of course the biggest benefit. Increasing agency fees are what businesses highlight as their biggest issue when dealing with recruiters. Even once you have managed to get a member of staff onto your books, there can also be additional costs to face in terms of pension provision, benefits and training.

Hiring on-demand allows you to pay as you go, keeping track of your weekly and monthly spend as well as the number of hours you are posting. Saving on recruitment costs will also allow businesses to pay more per shift, in turn attracting a higher calibre of applicant and creating a fairer marketplace for all.

Hiring an on-demand workforce can enable businesses to save time, effort and cost when recruiting staff. This on-demand economy has only just begun and yet it is moving at rapid pace. So as more and more skilled millennials turn to these platforms to find work, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your hiring strategy.

Want to find out more about how an on-demand workforce could benefit your business? Why say hello at:


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