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What to Expect at the GIG HQ

Ready to Get Your GIG? Come Say Hello!

Ok, so you've heard all about it, downloaded the app and now you’re ready to find work? Well now we want to meet you!

This is your opportunity to meet the team, get verified and understand how it all works. So read on to find out all the juicy details about where we are located, what happens during the registration process and how to get involved in our daily training sessions - so you can start to search, work and enjoy!

Finding Us

You can find us at 11 Beavor Lane, just a short stroll from Ravenscourt Park Station on the District line or if you like your strolls a little longer, Hammersmith Station is close too! When you enter the office, head up to the first floor where you'll be greeted by a member of the recruitment team who will ask what kind of role you are interested in before directing you to the registrations screens where you can begin the application process.


Registering for the app doesn't take long. The home page will ask what roles you are interested in and once decided you will be asked to enter in your personal details including bank and National Insurance details, your past work history and any qualifications you hold.

Once completed our recruitment team will have a chat with you to learn more about your past experience, availability and talk you through how to connect to our free wifi and download the app. To make sure your trip to HQ is just a solo one, bring along a copy of your CV, your right to work in the UK documents, National Insurance Number, bank details and also bring along some smart garms (more on that later!)

Daily Training

If you don't have any previous work experience don’t worry! We hold hospitality training every day at 2pm Monday to Friday. Training is held by our recruitment team and covers all you need to know about the GIG app, how to strengthen your profile, silver service preparation and important information around the hospitality industry including allergies, intolerances and more! This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions, meet the team and learn about how you can stand out from the crowd.


We work with some of the best hotels across London and in order to work at these swanky digs you need to look pretty swanky yourself. One of the most important features of the app is the notes section. This is where you will find details about the uniform, who to see when you arrive and any other important details to make the best impression at the gig. It makes it easier for us to mark on our systems that you have the rights tools for the job so come dressed for success. Smart black trousers/skirt white shirt, white long sleeve button up shirt and black leather enclosed shoes.

Search, Work, Enjoy!

When it’s all set and done the team will help you complete your registration and get you active on the platform. With plenty shifts available daily across Central & Greater London many of our new seekers can start working immediately. So what are you waiting for? Download the GIG app and come and visit the team at the office today!

Ready to meet the team? We're open Mon - Fri, 9am -5pm. Get started by downloading the free app on the App Store and Google Play now.


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