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Taking Control of my Career

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

After years of being wrapped up in the education system, guided and graded, leaving University can be a sobering moment. Suddenly it’s all over and you’re let loose into the world, left to fend for yourself and get a firm foot on the career ladder.

Despite the increasing fees and unstable job market, record number of students are choosing to obtain a degree in the hopes of accelerating their careers and pursue a passion. Following the removal of the cap on university places, the Government is predicting that this trend is only likely going to continue. So how do you go about getting ahead in an age where it seems everyone has taken the same path?

Due to the significant rise in the number of graduates, employers are now looking for candidates with tangible work experience. For those looking for a career in the likes of Sales, Marketing, HR etc then operational experience can be key to your rate of progression. After all, how can you sell the guest experience from a sales or marketing perspective if you don’t understand the guest experience?

Looking to ease the transition from education to career, GIG Seeker, Dennis Stamenov, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Currently completing a degree in Business Management, Marketing & Finance at Westminster University, we caught up with Dennis to hear how he went about taking control of his career.

‘Business Management, Marketing & Finance’ sounds like quite the degree – what made you choose it?

I’m originally from Bulgaria, where I worked for an event management company. I’d always enjoyed working with a wide range of people and talent, and found that I am at my best when faced with a problem to solve. Working within a dynamic team to confront and overcome those challenges is when I feel most rewarded.

I’m looking to soak up as much experience in hospitality and management as I possibly can, to then push on and find my own role.

Tell us about your plans for the future?

I chose Business Management because originally I wanted to open my own restaurant and serve italian cuisine. I am a passionate cook and love making and experimenting with different dishes and cuisines. Once I’ve completed my Bachelors Degree, I’ll hopefully go on to complete a MA in Event Management.

I’m also very keen to work abroad as well. I think the more roles you undertake and the more challenges you embrace, it will only help to strengthen your CV. I’m a big believer in that if you set out to enjoy the work you do – you’ll lead a much happier life.

How have you made GIG work for you?

I think anything you do to boost your CV whilst at Uni can make the difference and separate you from the pack. If employers can see that you’re willing to learn and are eager to work in a wide range of roles, you’ll be all the better for it.

I was looking for something flexible around my studies and so GIG seemed like the perfect fit. I really feel that getting this first hand knowledge of the industry from a foundation level, will be of real benefit to me in a future management role.

What have you enjoyed most about the roles you’ve undertaken?

I enjoy being able to do something different every shift. Everything from event management, to working at a wide range of fantastic venues and meeting new people – it’s all valuable experience!

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