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Seeking the Flexible Frontier

People seek the flexibility of independent work for a number of reasons.

At GIG, we recognise that everyone has their own story and that they use our platform in different ways. Whether it be to fund your time at University, set up your own business or you’re just taking the time out to plan for the future – the on-demand mindset is changing the way people choose to live and work.

This is an emerging industry and things are moving at a rapid pace. As more and more people choose to opt in to this way of working, what kind of GIG seeker could you be?

Have a look at some of the Seekers we’ve spotted so far:

The GIG Graduate

The thought of a part time job whilst fitting in coursework, exams and (of course) socialising can be a complete headache. No one wants to be committed to a part-time contract, standing on a shop floor serving customers when they have upcoming deadlines.

As a recent graduate myself, I can completely understand this struggle. During my first and second year of uni, I had the opportunity to work for a fun and lively pub in the heart of Oxford. Although I gained great experience and met some fantastic people, I wish I’d had the opportunity to be more flexible with the hours I was given. I know I would have been able to enjoy the experience more. It’s very important to maintain a work-life balance at University, and when you burn the candle at both ends, it can be exhausting.

Since launch, GIG naturally has attracted many students to the app – especially those looking to pursue a career within the Hospitality Industry. Students who are able, not only to gain some extra cash, but take their first steps into the industry by enhancing their CV. Receiving payment 24 hours after is just the cherry on top of the cake!

Every GIG Seeker has a story and we relish the opportunity to learn how the on-demand economy is working to support you.

The GIG Go’er

These giggers have bought into the GIG lifestyle and all it’s benefits. They embrace the flexibility and jump at the opportunity to work with a number of exciting businesses all across London.

Some are saving to travel the world, others are just wanting to have another night out. For the on-demand workforce, moving from gig-to-gig as an alternative to the nine-to-five, there is no restriction.

Studies show us that London’s ‘gig economy’ has grown by more than 70% since 2010. One things for sure, we’ll be seeing more and more GIG Go’ers in the years to come.

The GIG Grown-Up

Now that you’ve graduated and embarked on a career, you’re ready to leave flexible work behind! Or perhaps not…

There’s no reasons why a GIG shift can’t be taken on once entering the world of permanent work. With weekly payment, it’s no surprise that we have plenty of users on the app in full/part-time employment, looking for a top up on their monthly income.

Flexible hours are also attractive for older workers looking to make money or stay active in retirement, experts say, partly because they have free time they can devote to a job they can take at any time.

Life is all about balance, so why not treat yourself. Pick up those trainers you’ve had your eye on, save for that dream holiday or simply make your weekly food shop that bit more interesting.

Every GIG Seeker has a story and we relish the opportunity to learn how the on-demand economy is working to support you.

The choice is yours, to use GIG how you wish.


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