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Seeker of the Month: Gigging in the Big Smoke

As the gig economy continues to grow, employing close to 3 million people in the UK alone, more people are waking up to the benefits a highly flexible work life can provide. As a self-managed approach to work, the move to adopt the “Gig Lifestyle” can be daunting but the rewards can pay off in spades.

For our GIG Seeker of the month, Svetlana, jumping into the gig economy has been a liberating and rewarding experience, especially as a relative newbie to ‘The Big Smoke’ of London. In light of Svetlana’s recent hard work and positive attitude, we rewarded her with a £50 voucher towards an experience at the Shard. It’s the least we could do for such a dedicated member of the GIG community.

We sat down with Svetlana to learn more about her aspirations, why she embraced the gig economy and how it’s helped her fall in love with London. 

What drew you to the hospitality industry?

I’ve always admired the type of work hospitality provides – it’s customer-facing, you learn a lot of new skills and the hours are varied. I enjoy helping people and making them feel comfortable so when I first came to London and needed a job, the hospitality industry was the perfect fit. 

The exciting thing about hospitality is that you’re often serving people who have finished work and are enjoying their leisure time, so it’s fun working in such a fast-paced, uplifting environment.

What do you do with your time while not using the GIG App?

When I’m not working, I study English with a private tutor as I want to improve my English vocabulary and go to university here in London. I have a passion for exploring different countries, their culture and what attracts people to certain destinations, so I would like to get into the tourism industry. I specifically want to study tourism management, which is why a flexible work-life is so important. 

I also love exploring London and meeting different people. It’s a very multicultural city and it’s been incredible making friends here. It's nice to be so spoiled for choice - there are so many museums, galleries, churches and historical sites to visit.

How important has it been for you to use an app such as GIG, how has it helped you?

For me, a platform like GIG is extremely important. Not only does it provide me with more freedom, it also gives me the ability to work in different places around London, which allows me to meet even more people. You never know who you’re going to meet in this city! 

It’s easy because GIG post all the shifts available, allowing me to pick and choose based on what I’m doing that week or what other obligations I might have.  It’s been the best way to feel like I have a full time job, while still having the flexibility to do what I want when I want.    

How was your latest experience using GIG and how do you plan to spend this voucher?

GIG was my best friend last month. There were various shifts posted on the app, and I was able to choose the most suitable shift according to location and time, which worked really well for fitting shifts around my classes. I’m always out of the house either at class, seeing friends or London itself, so the flexibility to work anywhere in the city is amazing.

It’s a hard one but I think I’ll use the voucher to pay for my afternoon tea at the Shard, maybe even a bottomless brunch! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since landing in London and it would be incredible to see the sunset from atop London’s tallest building.

What’s been your favourite venue to work in so far using the GIG app?

That’s a hard question; I don’t have a specific favourite. I have a top two -  Conrad, St James and Radisson, New Providence Wharf. I’ve enjoyed working at both venues because the teams have been very supportive, while the locations are different and interesting. 

If you could do a shift at any venue, anywhere in the world, where would you work?

If I could choose anywhere in the world, I would still prefer to work in London. I love London. I love English people. I love my new friends and all the venues I’ve worked in over here. This is the life I created for myself and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s been an amazing Summer here too and I hope the sun stays out!

Want to become GIG’s next Seeker of the month? Our accounts team are always picking out our top Seekers that are leaving a fantastic impression. You never know, our next Seeker of the month could be you!


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