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Refer a Friend and get £25

Want to work but your mates are all hanging out at home? Well, why not bring them along to Gig and get them out working too. Think of all that money you will have to go and do fun activities together. You might even get to work the odd shift together. Hang out and earn money! 

Want a £25 Bonus?

Bring your friends along to Gig, get yourself work and them and when they complete 5 shift* then you will get a £25 bonus added to your pay-check!

The boring bit - Terms and Conditions

If you refer a friend you will receive a £25 bonus added to your pay-check after they have completed 5 shifts with Gig. 

The person you are referring must quote your name at their on-boarding session so that this can be tracked with Payroll. 

The Refer a Friend scheme can not be backdated to someone who joined up previously. 

There is no limit to how many friends you refer as long as the above terms are completed. 

If you or your referred friend cancel within 24 hours of a shift or are no-shows to shifts then you will no longer be eligable for the £25 bonus.  

For an update on whether your referred friend has completed their 5 shifts and you are eligible for the £25 bonus, you can email or call 020 3375 4272. 

To find out more about becoming a Seeker and earning on your own terms, simply register online or pop into your local GIG office.


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