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Making it Work: From Law Student to Gig Seeker

As more students enter the workforce, the decision over what field of work to take part in while studying often becomes a conundrum. Industries such as hospitality, retail and events are notoriously swarmed by students looking for a few extra quid to help buy pot noodle, coffee and Red Bull (or beer/wine, depending on the approach) to help with their studies. 

As a university student doing her LPC (Legal Practice Course) and a Master’s Degree in law, which encompasses a 10,000-word dissertation, our GIG Seeker, Tugce Cetink, has been one such student in major need of time and flexibility. In fact, having enough time has been something of a pre-requisite for her course, as the university library has recently become her home away from home.

As a newbie to GIG, we were all too happy to show her the ropes of a flexible work life and her first shift with our client, eGYM, was a resounding success. In light of her dedication, hard work and stellar feedback, we decided to make her our latest Seeker of the Month! 

In pulling her away from the confines of the library walls, we sat down for a quick chat with Tugce to learn more about her studies, how the Make Gig Work, Work campaign helped her find GIG and what it means to embrace the GIG Lifestyle.

Tell us a bit about who you are why you chose to work as a showroom assistant for eGYM last week?

Right now, my life is encompassed entirely within the walls of my University library because my course is very intense, especially with exams coming up! But I try to keep a balance. Like anyone, I love to catch up with friends, go to exhibitions, movies, meet new people and as a self-confessed addict, go shopping – no shame.
It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to work for eGYM because it was not only an easy way to make some extra cash while studying, it was also something completely different to what I normally do in my day-to-day life. I’ve previously trained to be a police cadet, worked as a waitress and behind a bar so it was good to test myself on the showroom floor with something completely different.
They’re a lovely team at eGYM and the whole experience added to my communication skill too, especially in terms of being professional, welcoming and engaging – incredibly helpful towards my degree!

How’d you find out about GIG?

I actually found GIG while studying in the library for my exams. My degree has recently concentrated on employment law and even the legislation within the gig economy, which was eye opening. While reading up on the industry, I stumbled upon GIG’s Make Gig Work, Work campaign, which then drew me into what GIG provides as well. Once I realised what both the petition and GIG was all about, it was a no brainer. I am in total agreement of the petition, and the ability to work so flexibly makes it a win-win.

How important has it been to use an app such as GIG, how has it helped you, especially while studying law?

It has been extremely important as my current lifestyle is so focused around my studies, meaning I have to cut time everywhere as much as possible. With exams around the corner, I really need to manage my time carefully but at the same time earn enough money to get by. The app allowed me to find suitable roles that could fit around my studies; it’s given me the type of flexibility that I need in my life right now. 
I can’t dedicate myself to finding a fixed, full time job and go through the process of timely contracts, interviews and booking time off. I simply needed to do a few shifts to earn money and then get back to studying. GIG helped me with this issue and I was able to get to work in no-time at all.
However, GIG was also great because it introduced me into a new form of work. Although I’d studied the gig economy, I was yet to take part in it so this was a great opportunity.

How do you plan to spend this voucher?

It was my mum’s birthday recently so I’ll be using this voucher to buy her another birthday present. My parents have been really supportive while studying and with it being mum’s birthday, I’d really like to spoil her. As a guilty shopaholic, I buy heaps of stuff over Amazon Prime so this voucher is perfect.

If you could do a shift at any venue, for any job, anywhere in the world, where would you work?

I’d love to get as much experience in as many fields as possible before becoming a certified lawyer in London. I would still choose to work in London as my number one destination but New York is a close second. I think London is amazing, I can’t find anywhere in the world that exposes you to so many walks of life, it’s both humbling and exciting. I’ve been here since I was 6 and I’m still very much in love with this city.
After I graduate, I’m hoping to go to New York with a few friends to do the New York Bar Course, which means I will be able to practice law in America as well. I’m open to all sorts of opportunities and experiences so we’ll see how things go. If I get an amazing opportunity it could change everything! I’ll see where I get with my exams – wish me luck!

Are you interested in becoming GIG’s next Seeker of the Month? We love to reward our hard working, driven Seekers so jump on the app and get Seeking – you never know, you might be our next winner!


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