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Last Minute Gift ideas for Mothers Day

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably just realised it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. Don’t stress, we forgot too (This article probably should have gone out last week). Whether it’s a simple but loving (cheap) “Thank you” or going all out with a 5-course meal atop of The Shard (favourite child), here are some last-minute ideas to save your skin and help spoil your mother this Sunday:


The staple of any last-minute attempt to redeem yourself, this one is a no-brainer. The beauty of a gig economy is that you can get flowers on-demand, so there really isn’t any excuse. After all, if a mother turns away flowers from their child on Mother’s Day, do they even really mum?

Tip: There’s now a plethora of online flower stores ready to deliver right to your mother’s doorstep, some of which will include cheeky additions like wine and chocolates.

Cost: £10-100 OR one bartender gig (if you want to go all out)

Take her out for a meal.

Now, this one might be a difficult for those of who live in different geographical locations to their mum but if you have the chance, take her out for a meal. She’ll probably insist on paying for it and say you can’t afford it because let’s face it, you’re still her baby, but she will appreciate it.

Tip: Whether it’s an easy but effective pub meal or somewhere fancy like the Duck and Waffle (great views by the way), we advise avoiding fast-food chains and sloppy kebabs – your mother deserves better.

Cost: £20-100 OR 1 afternoon gig working as a waiter

Make her a meal.

An easy, quick solution that can really impress. It’s a risk for some but if you pull it off then you are guaranteed to become the favourite and take home the Son/Daughter of the Year Award.

Tip: Keep it simple and original but avoid student meals – your mother probably doesn’t want overcooked white pasta with ketchup and sliced cheese

Cost: £10-30 OR a few hours making coffee at your local coffee shop!

Take her to a show.

This is another easy one that can be done last minute, thanks to the beauty of matinee shows. Whether you’re seeing a classic like Les Miserables or popping into one of the multiple underground theatres scattered throughout London, there’s nearly always a few empty seats available mere hours before the show.

Tip: Pop over to Leicester square or jump online to sites like or and grab a steal!

Cost: As little as £10-30 OR a few shifts working as a kitchen porter. 

Actually say THANK YOU.

One of the most classic Motherly sayings that we’ve all heard or subconsciously taken in at some point in our lives is “someday you’ll thank me”. Well, the thank you is now. This is your last-ditch effort to redeem yourself and it can be done at the 11th hour.

Tip: Not sure if you need a tip to articulate these words but it’s always nice to include a hug.

Cost: £0-000 OR zero shifts.

At the end of the (Mother’s) day, the saying “life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother” is probably one of the most bizarre yet oddly true sayings out there.

Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic and sometimes we forget about those most important to us. The beauty of the GIG app is that you can tailor your work to fit around your lifestyle – so this Sunday, none of us should really have any excuse, right?

GIG provides you with a simple, straight forward way to make some extra money this month so you can spoil your mum and say thanks. Simply download the GIG Seeker app, register your details and soon you’ll be accepting temp work with the click of a button – available over Android and IOS.


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