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How to Get the Perfect Profile

Imagine you are one of our Providers - desperately in need of someone, sifting and swiping through a list of candidates looking for a match...

So it’s like Tinder for jobs, yeah? Well no, not exactly.

GIG matches you with businesses in hospitality and retail who are looking for shift workers. So, whilst like your dating apps you’re aiming to impress, remember to keep your GIG profile job focused. It’s a different kind of first impression here. Remember this will be future employers looking at you and not future that means no emojis, no gifs and no memes! Starting to panic? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve put together some top tips to get you that show stopping profile...

Profile Picture

Let’s start with your picture. Here’s a chance to assure your Provider that you are smart, presentable and the right fit for their business. Why not give your hair a brush, find good lighting and give us a smile!

Whilst there is more to you than a profile image, you do have the chance to show your best presented self so why not make the most of this and improve your chances of getting hired? One final thing...please, please, please…no snapchat filters!

Skills and Experience

Here you can really go to town on what your past holds - career wise or any interesting achievements you’ve made. Keep this focused and remember to sell yourself. Can you make fantastic cocktails? Can you carry three plates or make special lattes? If you’re stuck on what to write or anything on your profile get in touch and we can help. Here’s a nice example for you:

I have been trained in silver service by the academy of food and wine. I have worked at many large scale events at a variety of hotels and events spaces including the Intercontinental Park Lane and the Hilton London Bankside. I am punctual, a good listener and a friendly person. I would really appreciate the opportunity to share my experience and enthusiasm with your team.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality here too, and qualities such as leadership, communication and teamwork are all very impressive skills which will stand out to Providers. On one of their many busy days, Providers will appreciate Seeker’s that can immediately demonstrate their experience and get involved and apply their skills where needed.


We don’t want you to worry any further - because we have you covered. GIG Hospitality Training is on every day at the HQ at 2pm and will cover all the basics. This will also be a chance to learn more about using the app. So why not, come and speak to us and pick up more skills for your profile.

After the Shift

Once the gig is completed, the Providers can give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down. This means that every job counts. Some of the busiest workers at GIG have over a hundred thumbs up and Providers are the first to see these members when looking for someone to cover a shift. Every thumbs up you are given, the higher on the Seeker list you will be, meaning that when our Providers are looking to fill a gig it will be your profile that it most likely to succeed.

Final Word

The more jobs you apply for the more success you are likely to have.

Remember, if you find that the jobs that you have applied for are still pending close to the time of the shift, this could mean you might not be successful on that occasion but don’t let this put you off. The stronger you make your profile the more likely you are to gain shift work. Imagine over time how your experience will grow as a result and how impressive your profile will be.

It’s only up from here!

Grow your profile and find flexible shift work in your area! Get the free app now on the App Store and Google Play now.


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