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Building my skills with Gig

More people than ever are looking for flexibility and a way to earn on their own terms – in fact more than 5 million people in the UK have turned to the gig economy to find that work life balance. With the ability to choose which job you work, where and when, you can truly work around your lifestyle, hobbies and commitments. But what kind of person embodies the GIG lifestyle? 

For our Head of Business in Scotland and Northern England, Janette, the choice was easy for our Seeker of the month - Golbert. Always seen with a smile on his face, working hard, pitching in to help and happy to pick up last-minute shifts, he is benefiting from the GIG lifestyle while being a great team player. We grabbed a quick sit down with Golbert - to find out why he chose the GIG life - between service and glass washing during the HIT Scotland’s yearly charity POETS lunch where the GIG team were busy serving some of Scotlands finest hospitality providers. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you got into the hospitality industry?

I am 18, believe it or not! I was really in need of a job and I’ve already worked in retail so wanted to try something new. There were lots of opportunities to gain new skills and find work in hospitality so I wanted to try it out. When am not working for GIG I’m either going out with my pals or at the gym or studying.

How long have you worked in hospitality?

For about 7 months, GIG is my first hospitality job, I had always wanted to give it a try and I'm really enjoying it and learning lots. 

What roles do you do for GIG?

My main role is waiter but sometimes I’ll do customer steward or glass collecting – there’s always great opportunity for variety which I enjoy. No day is the same and getting to work in lots of different places and with lots of different people keeps it interesting and fun.

Why did you decide to use GIG to find work?

I wanted to try out something new, GIG gave me that opportunity and I took it. GIG also had the flexibility that allowed me to balance out my social life, my work life and my studies. I can do more or less depending on study schedule and social activities.

Did you know anyone at GIG before you started?

I didn’t, I found it online, but I asked Jannette [Head of Business ‑ Scotland & Northern England] if she could bring on my friend, and she happily brought him on. Its also nice to see the same faces at different shifts, I meet alot of cool people working for GIG.  

What’s been your favourite place/venue to work with through GIG?

The Grand Central Hotel - Glasgow, the people there are just amazing.

You work all over Glasgow, whats your favorite thing about it?

Glasgow is home, I love the people and the culture and just the vibrant presence.

What are you studying and what are your future plans?

I am studying Business and I want to start my own business – I haven’t decided what this will be yet, but would like to start something of my own.

And finally, what will you do with your £50 Amazon voucher?

I will probably give it to my little brother. 

Want to become GIG’s next Seeker of the Month? Don’t forget to check out our Top Tips page and rate your experiences!


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