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The all-new Gig App is here!

As the UK’s largest online platform for flexible shift work, we like to think that we know what employers and workers want when it comes to flexible employment. As a company whose backbone is its transparent, online technology, we also understand that it can often be the simplest of features that make a service stick out from the rest.

That’s why, through diligent feedback and testing, we’re excited to announce the all-new GIG App – GIG Marketplace.

Launched today for our GIG Seekers, with the Provider side soon to come, the app uses an entirely new interface, giving you more control over your work-life balance. Developed entirely from scratch, the GIG Marketplace is also more intuitive, responsive and intelligent than its predecessor. 

So, what makes the new GIG app all that different?

Your GIG Profile

The GIG Profile has been revamped to allow you to showcase your talents and stand out from the rest. Think of it as a fancy looking C.V. You want everyone to see it and, just like a social media profile, your GIG profile showcases your experience and work-related interests for employers to see and engage with.

Showcasing not only your work experience and qualifications, your profile will now share your reviews, favourite Providers (if you choose to have any), as well as the number of shifts you’ve completed.

It’s just a simple way for the world to not only see your skills but also where, when and how you like to work, ensuring you see and match with the jobs you’re best suited to!

Your GIG Hub

The hub is your home for not only searching and filtering for shifts but also for checking in on your upcoming and even live shifts as well, so you can categorise your confirmed, upcoming, applied for shifts in one place.

The GIG hub also displays completed shifts you’ve favourited, your shift wish-list, as well as promoted shifts from Providers and shifts that have been ‘nudged’ to you – jobs that Providers or the GIG team think you’d be perfect for!

Your GIG Notifications

Notifications have been updated to include a streamlined direct messaging system between you and our GIG Providers. Thanks to improved algorithm learning, you’ll not only be alerted and notified with more relevant updates and job opportunities, you’ll also be able to ask direct questions to employers and your dedicated Accounts manager – instantly.

Whether you want a little more information, have a question about timing and location or urgently need to update the team on your circumstances, it’s just another level of transparency that improves your experience.

Your GIG Bank

Your GIG bank is everything relating to your pay – from what you’ve been paid, to what you’re owed and even what you’ve decided to archive (so you always have a record). We’ve simplified the layout to make it easier for you to see the information you want, detailing the key updates so you know where you stand. 

Aside from a new GIG Profile, Hub, Notifications and Bank, the new app will also include the following updates:

Improved AI algorithms, making it easier to search and apply for the gigs you want.

Bug fixes, eliminating issues around filtering and applying for shifts.

Improved Seeker Signal, so providers know you're available for the next 24 hours.

As an entirely new app, please note that the old GIG Seeker app will be discontinued as of July 15th - but we'll send you reminders to make sure you're aware! So, what are you waiting for? Simply download the app on:


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