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5 Gigs to Get You Through University

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Your time at University should primarily be spent studying and socialising. That said, uni life ain’t cheap and that loan won’t last as long as you think, so a student job will be inevitable for most.

But as fun as life in a sweaty stockroom may seem (it really isn’t), there are many more interesting ways for students to fund an unhealthy social life. Check out our pick of the bunch below:


The world has gone digital – but brands still need someone to shift all those flyers and free pens. Students in particular are a lucrative market for advertisers, so they’ll be needing someone at University who is confident, enthusiastic and well-networked.

You’ll be required to attend brand events, PR stunts, on-campus activity – promoting competitions and campaign giveaways. It’s a flexible, well-paid gig to get if you are looking to get into the world of marketing/ event organisation once you graduate.


We’re all using these apps to make our lives that little bit lazier, so why not get make some money out of them? The likes of Deliveroo, Uber Eats & Amazon all allow you to pick up shifts on demand and work to your own availability. Get fit cycling side streets, dodging traffic and dropping off tasty treats – just make sure you wear a helmet!


Look at all those poor hungover faces, resolving customer complaints on half an hours sleep and a can of red bull. Pounding dance music thudding over the speaker system. Know what’s better than working on a shop floor? Assessing people working on a shop floor!

That’s right, essentially the role is to go undercover and pose as a real shopper whilst reviewing customer service levels. Businesses like Market Force and Field Agent require staff who are enthusiastic, reliable and have excellent writing skills.


A bit of a student cliche we know, BUT it’s an ideal gig to get for those of you who are keen to do a bit of travelling. There is always going to be the demand for skills in this industry, and it’s really good experience to have if you want to hop from cafe to restaurant and earn some money along your travels. Also, let’s not forget the tips!


If you’re spending half your time in the library, you may as well be getting paid for it. Tutoring is a great way to put your studies into practice. You can prepare fellow students for their exams, or tutor mature students in subjects like foreign languages or history. Advertise on free websites and through social media to get the word out there.

Also, remember those thick textbooks you splashed out on at the start of the year that you’ve never touched? Ebay ‘em!

Looking for some gigs to get you through uni? Why not download the GIG app available on App Store and Google Play now.


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