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10 Must Have Apps for Students

The smartphone is an amazing technological achievement and falls in the same category as TV and the Internet for top innovations to change the World. But just like Television and the Internet permitted content such as The Valleys & The Backpack Challenge, the smartphone has made it possible for anyone to create an app.

Such freedom has brought us i french kissWill You Marry Me and 99 Bottles! (for those, you are welcome) and many other apps that you never thought you needed.

These ten, however, you do.

Get ahead with uni and life in general with the ultimate to-do list app, DOO. Tinder-esque for kicking ass at life admin, by turning your to-do list into a stack of stylish cards that you swipe to complete. The cards help you write clear goals, work on them through either daily, weekly or monthly checklists helping you stay ahead with what’s most important and completing them one swipe at a time.

Thought heading to Inferno on a Wednesday night was a good idea when you have an 8am Philosophy seminar? Don’t worry Mimicker Alarm has you covered. This handy alarm app makes it impossible for you to snooze and forces you to play games using facial recognition to prove you are awake. Suffering from regret? For that you are unfortunately on your own.

Whether you are new to the city, got some rubbish housemates that play video games all day, or are just looking for a new hobby - Meet up has something for everyone! They have loads of free events doing anything from Hiking, to English classes to meditation.

Ads sure are annoying. They are also interrupting our mobile lives that little bit more every day. But what if I told you there was an app that would reward you for watching them. Introducing Unlockd. The app that gifts you with discounted mobile bills, extra credit, movies, and loyalty points every third time you unlock your smartphone and view a short ad. Every little helps in London right?

Ok, so how many of us have said on a Monday - this is the week I start my new fitness regime. Me too. Want a way to be accountable without that one friend, the wannabe personal trainer, who will make you feel bad about yourself for every missed workout.

Strava the social fitness network tracks your cycling and running along with other excercises. Lets you join groups with friend, compete to a target together or against each other, whatever works for you, and it gives you a place to track each and every workout.

No more excuses and running is a free activity. Why not check out any local running groups in your area and clock up those Km's.

It’s no news that public transport can really burn a hole in your pocket. Few buses here, couple of trains there and all of a sudden you realise it’s ham and cheese toasties for the rest of the month. But who needs stuffy trains when they are sending you broke and plus SUMMER IS COMING! Making it the perfect time to download the Santander Cycles.

Super useful in locating your closest Santander Bike stations. Make sure you check out the app suggestions for “Top London Rides”.

Oh CityMapper my most trusted companion. Even though you squander all of my data and chew through my battery power – I still love you. If you want to navigate this amazing city and not get lost on your way to meet your Bumble date this App is a must have. Not only is it extremely easy to use and fun to look at, this app will solve all of your transport problems.

Simply type in your start and end destination and the app will work out several journeys for you, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It show’s you how to get across the city by train, tube, bus, bicycle, boat, and tram. And if you go by foot, it also tells you how many pints of beer you will walk off on your journey.

If collecting the Time Out Magazine from your local tube, stalking their website and following them on Facebook is not enough then I highly recommend that you download their beautifully designed and easy to use App. Added features for this handy London guide to EVERYTHING are enhanced locations relevant to you, inspiration for things to do, editors’ picks, easy ticketing options and as an added bonus information about exclusive experiences and discounted offers.

For those long breaks between semesters why not get out of London? But if you are planning to hit the streets of Paris, queue in line for the Berghain or travel the off beaten track in Vietnam, then learning some of the lingo is recommended. Luckily the lovely folk at Duolingo want this to be possible for FREE making it perfect for anyone who wants to try their hand at speaking French, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Swedish or English!

Everyone loathes an ATM fee. So ATM Hunter is here to help and help they have. The app uses GPS to locate ATMs closest to you, find particular banks, show types of cash machines nearby and most importantly ensure that you’re not stung by a £3 surcharge by the side of that questionable/amazingly tasty chicken shop you decided to stop at for a wings, burger & chips meal deal.

Put your hand up if you are tired of monthly pay! Keep it up if you don’t want to work EVERY Friday, Saturday & Sunday til your graduation…but you still need to make money for that holiday in June! GIG is here to answer all of your prayers. With the flexibility to choose when and where you want to work, GIG is the online marketplace that connects you with shifts. What are you waiting for? You can download the app here today.


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