GIG - Seeker Top Tips Backup

First and foremost...turn on push notifications!

You will then be able to get instant alerts on the
gigs you go for.


Create an engaging profile by adding your skills,
qualifications and any relevant
experience that you wish
to highlight in order to be noticed by the client.

Make sure that you also upload a professional looking
picture of yourself for the clients to be able to see and
boost your chances of getting the gig!

Make sure to highlight your experience for each position as best
as you can. You will be asked to select the number of years
experience you have in each field and then enhance this with a
written explanation of past work or qualifications. Providers will
be keen to see where you have worked before so it’s important to
take this section seriously. A good example is highlighted below

I have been trained in silver service by the academy of food and
wine. I have worked at many large scale events at a variety of
hotels and events spaces including the Intercontinental Park
Lane and the Hilton London Bank Side. I take pride in my
appearance and understand that the customer is always right.


For each job you can ask a previous employer for a reference. If
they respond positively your profile will be updated with a
verification logo. This is specific to each job you can do and
shows employers that your relevant  experience each field has
been validated.


Rating is important to how you rank amongst all those who have
applied for a job. The better your overall rating the more likely an
employer is to notice you and so make sure when on a gig you
give it your all.


It is important to us that the people on our platform are
honest, hard-working and doing a good job. With this in
mind, please be aware that:

  • If it becomes apparent that you have not been honest
    regarding your level of experience, qualifications or
    references, your profile will be removed and you will no
    longer have access the platform.
  • If you are late or do not turn up for a shift on one occasion
    without a relevant excuse, your profile will be removed and you
    will no longer have access to the platform.

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