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Event Staff


Job Overview

Working as Events Staff is a customer facing role. It requires an individual to have clear communication skills, good personal confidence, patience, attention to detail and an understanding of food and beverage service techniques. 


As a member of Events Staff, it will be your responsibility to navigate numerous different roles throughout a shift. You will be an all-rounder and comfortable greeting guests, serving drinks, taking food orders and delivering food whilst delivering great customer service at all times, making sure that customers have a memorable experience.



The ideal candidate will have clear communication skills, patience and attentiveness. You will be happy working in a fun, fast-paced and unpredictable environment. You must be able to think on your feet and work well with the entire staff, from the chefs to the other servers.

Benefits of working as Event Staff with GIG:

Get paid weekly

Have the freedom to choose where and when you work 

Gain access to free training and skills development programs

Roles available with travel and accommodation provided

Boost your CV with new experience

Variety at work – no sitting behind a desk all day

Use a helpful App - to manage your work easily

Holiday pay - whenever you need and request it

Offices across London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool


The items below are some of the things that our clients might expect you to wear in order to work with them. Uniform requirements are listed on all job postings and may differ, as always you are under no obligation to apply for any shift on the GIG App.
Smart black trousers
Smart buttoned shirt with collar - black or white shirt only
Black tie
and waistcoat
Black polished shoes with black socks and black smart belt

​Uniform may vary depending on client requirements ​      ​

Appearence Guidelines

Hair/Facial Hair

Hair styles must be neat and professional. Tied back & behind ears for women. Neat or tied back for Men. Facial hair must be neat or clean shaven when specified.     ​


Makeup must be clear, clean and plain - minimise heavy eyeliner/shadow. Nail varnish must be a natural colour & have no chipping.   ​


Keep jewellery to a minimum (wedding ring/watch allowed). Tattoos should be minimised where possible.  ​


If you feel working as Event Staff

is a role you are interested in:

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