GIG - Staffing for summer: facing the heat
Staffing for summer: facing the heat

Although we haven’t quite seen the wonderful summer weather of 2018 (so far), a busy period in hospitality is upon us. Even with a year of economic uncertainty and ever-tightening margins on the cards, the hospitality industry will be pouring, cleaning and serving in abundance as per usual. 

However, the very thought of the summer rush can also promise an anxious gulp within the throats of many hospitality employers because let's face it, seasonal staffing can be tricky. Add to it a skills gap and a pinch of Brexit uncertainty and the gulp soon becomes a panic attack.

The fact is, it’s getting harder to attract and retain high-quality talent. With 97% of high school students refuting the hospitality industry as a career choice and an acquiescent response to the effects of Brexit so far, it's a tough road ahead for the industry.

While we are addressing these issues, it can also be the smallest of changes that make all the difference. Here are some simple tips to help ease the pressure this summer and ‘raise the bar’ in hospitality.

Embrace the future of work

An overused term, the ‘future of work’ entails everything from AI to millennials and the gig economy. However, a huge facet of it boils down to a generation of workers tethered to their mobile phones who value flexibility, autonomy and choice.  With 70% of millennial workers seeking a flexible work lifestyle, attracting talent arguably lies in giving workers the freedom to control their work-life balance.

While we here at GIG exemplify such flexibility, why not embrace the future of work into your company ethos entirely? Creating an open, flexible workplace will increase the chances of attracting young, local talent and create a fun, dynamic environment for the busy summer. 

Build empathy and support

While a company culture that embraces flexibility is key, it doesn't end there; millennials want to feel valued and supported at work. Recent research found that 80% of workers are willing to work longer hours for an empathetic employer, with 90% of workers more likely to stay in their position if senior management is empathetic and supportive. 

Treating workers like cattle will only reduce productivity, increase resentment and ultimately harm your business. While GIG provides in-house training and a team of dedicated account managers for workers in need of support, day-to-day leadership in the workplace is vital. Understanding a worker's feelings and developing a supportive leadership style will create a stronger, happier and more productive team of workers. 

Provide opportunities and career progression

Research from Udemy found that 42% of millennial workers placed Learning and Development as the most important factor when deciding to join a new company - a huge wake-up call for an industry already facing a skills gap of epic proportions. Yet, many employers simply don't have the resources or the patience to take on inexperienced workers and train them up.

This is where third-parties, such as the GIG Academy, can come into play. Entirely free and incredibly flexible, the academy is able to provide employers with ambitious, dedicated workers that "earn while they learn". However, providing assurance and passing on even the smallest of skills to your workers can go a long way. By slowly giving your staff more responsibility and varying tasks, workers can find their passion and develop their careers that much easier.


It might seem obvious but listening to what workers need and want in the workplace is a fundamental part of attracting and retaining their hard work. It's time to go back to basics, look internally and adapt to a changing labour market. 

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