GIG - Earn on your own terms.

Earn on your

own terms.

Find flexible shift work around your lifestyle today.
A day in the life
of a Seeker.
How GIG work‌s.
Find flexible shift work that fits around your
lifestyle through the GIG Seeker App.
  1. Register - either online or through the GIG Seeker App.
  2. Meet the team - bring your I.D, N.I & bank details so you get paid weekly.
  3. Receive complimentary training - available Monday to Friday through our in-house training facilities.
  4. Get your gig - jump on the App and earn on your own terms today. Don’t forget to check out our Top Tips page!

We take care of the rest - including admin duties such as your taxes and statutory costs!

What GIG offers.
  • The freedom to choose When, Where and
    How often you work.
  • A diverse range of job roles and locations
    across the UK.
  • A dedicated Account Management team
    - so you're never left in the dark.
  • Weekly payslips for peace of mind.
Why choose GIG.
Boosting Skills.

Nationally accredited and entirely free, the GIG Academy
allows you to earn while you learn.

Become a GIG Apprentice or complete a flexible Online Learning Course to boost your skills, industry knowledge and job opportunities. 

Working with:
Frequently Asked Questions.
Does it cost anything to use?
NO. We do not charge our workers to use the GIG platform.
Where can I find work?
We have a wide range of shifts across the Hospitality, Retail and Warehousing industry throughout the UK. We currently provide shifts in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester.
How fast can I get work?
As an on-demand service, you can find work nearly instantly through the GIG Seeker App. However, you will need to pop into one of our offices to verify that you can legally work in the UK – this is a requirement by law. From there you’ll have access to 1000’s of shifts! Please also be aware that while there is no restriction on the number of shifts you can apply for, you may not always be accepted for roles that you are either not qualified for or have no experience in.
Can I work full-time?
The flexibility of the GIG Seeker App means you can work full-time, part-time or on an ad-hoc basis - it’s really up to you!
How much will I get paid?
Pay varies based on job, location and industry type. However, we ensure our workers are never paid below the minimum wage, while our rates are always competitive.
Do I need to provide my own uniform?
Yes, all GIG Seekers will need to supply their own uniform. However, we do provide the opportunity to purchase uniform in a number of our UK offices – simply speak to a member from our accounts team at your local office for more details.