GIG - Provider Top Tips Backup

When posting a shift, be sure to make the gig description as clear as
possible. It is important that Seekers know exactly what you need or
if you have special requirements, so that you get the right seekers
with the relevant skills. A good example is highlighted below:

The gig will be for two hours to cover our busy, lunchtime period. As
waiter, you will be required to assist customers with their order,
serve the lunchtime dishes and be of general assistance to the
restaurant. You will need to arrive 15 minutes before the shift starts
to get checked in and prepared. We require you to bring smart black
shoes, trousers and a smart, white collared shirt.


After every shift, you will be asked to rate your seekers. If
you are happy with their work, show some love and give
them a thumbs-up.


You may be asked to provide a reference for a seeker who has
previously worked for you. A positive reference would give the
seeker a verification logo within the app, validating their
experience and good performance in the role. A verified seeker
would then be bumped up to the top of the list, helping you
select seekers with relevant skills for your next gig role.


It is important to us that you find the right seekers for your roles
with GIG. With that in mind, please allow a reasonable period of
time to apply prior to call time, to ensure that seekers have ample
time to prepare for your gig. If a Seeker does not turn up or is late,
they will lose access to the platform.

  • If you have any emergency issues regarding seekers, we have a
    helpline where you can speak to a member of our support team
    who would be able to assist you.