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CV fibs: Avoiding the temptation

When it comes to landing your dream job, sticking out from the crowd with a certain skill or extra bit of experience can make all the difference. As a result, workers can often feel pressured to lie and inflate their experience or knowledge. In fact, studies have found that 1 in 6 UK workers have lied on their CV.

While it might be tempting to bend the truth, claiming you have skills and experience that you simply don’t have is always going to end in tragedy. This is especially true when it comes to the service industry. Being honest about your CV in the Hospitality or Retail industry will not only save your reputation, it could also save your neck - and the lives of others. 

Although you might want to jump the gun, remember that as a company that ‘Makes Gig Work, Work’, we’re here to support your work-life balance, career and ultimately help you land your ideal gig - without having to fib. In fact, the new GIG App allows you to create your own GIG Profile, showcasing your skills, qualifications and preferences much like a CV, and as an open and transparent marketplace for shift work, being honest about your skills and experience on your Profile is vital.

Avoid the embarrassment (and possible trip to the hospital) with these simple tips.

Start with your key skills.

Start with what you do have. Everyone has a set of skills, whether it's communication, problem-solving, multi-tasking, or sheer physical strength or composed nature, everyone can provide some sort of value to the workplace. Understand your current skills, no matter how small, and showcase them tremendously. Being passionate and motivated also goes a long way. An eagerness to learn and grow from those key skills will only add more fuel to fire, helping you stick out from the rest.

In the GIG App: Write a small synopsis about yourself on your GIG Profile, showcasing skills such as communication and team-building, as well as your overall approach to work. Your profile description can go a long way in assuring Providers you’re the right person for the job and by being honest, you're more likely to get a good review and find better job opportunities across gig marketplace.

Go at your own pace.

Remember, it’s not a race. If you’re just starting out in the industry or don’t feel you’re able to land the job you want, don’t fret. Apply for the jobs you are confident in and grow from there. Just remember to learn something from each shift, whether it be from a colleague, customer or the work itself. By taking in something away, you’ll not only show managers your true potential, but you’ll also build your confidence and ability to take on greater tasks.

In the GIG App: The GIG Marketplace shows a wide range of jobs requiring diverse skills, nearly all of which can be transferable between roles, so you can diversify your CV, learn from each position and apply for better roles each time.

As a flexible platform, you're always able to go at your own pace. However, we also provide in-house training and opportunities to grow through the GIG Academy.

Expand your horizon.

Keep your head up and open yourself to opportunities. Nobody wants to feel trapped or stagnant in their career but just because you’re not landing your dream job today, doesn’t mean you never will. Why not shake things up and start working in a different area of the industry to expand your skill-range, or even consider going back to schooling part-time?

While some jobs require long-term qualifications, the hospitality industry offers a range of short-term, highly beneficial training programmes that easily boost your c.v. It doesn’t always have to be a qualification either. You can find ways to expand your horizon simply by getting feedback from managers and colleagues - never be afraid to ask!

In the GIG App: The GIG app allows you to rate Providers, make Favourites and even develop a Wishlist so you can tailor gigs to suit your needs. It will also let both Providers and the GIG team know what you’re interested in so you can carve a real career path even faster.

On top of this, we also have our GIG Apprenticeships for workers looking to expand their horizons and earn while you learn. Entirely free, flexible and with a national accreditation to suit, it's an easy way to give you that much-needed boost!

Avoid embellishment and be proud of your CV to date, no matter how minimal you might think it is. To find out how we can support you on your journey, simply get in touch at

The new GIG App is also now available. Download it today on Google Play and the App Store.


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