How GIG Works

Find flexible temp work that fits around your lifestyle through the GIG Seeker App.



Either quick apply online or download the GIG Seeker App and complete the full registration. 



Book your interview

Book a slot to come along to any of our offices.


Meet the team

Bring your Right to Work documents, I.D, N.I & bank details so you get paid weekly.


Receive complimentary training

Available through our in-house training facilities and E-Learning platforms the team will run through any necessary training when you come to your interview. 


Get your GIG

Jump on the App and earn on your own terms today. Don’t forget to check out our Top Tips page!

We take care of the rest - including admin duties such as your taxes and statutory costs!

Important Information


For payroll queries please contact GIG's payroll department on:


020 8600 2926 

Holiday Pay 

You are entitled to holiday pay on every shift. To take your holiday pay you must contact payroll. 


 It is just as important that you only apply for jobs that you can do - Last minute cancellations and no-shows may result in being blocked from the GIG App, pending investigation.



If you need any support using the GIG app or have any questions regarding our platform or service, please contact: 

0208 8600 2911

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to use?

No. We do not charge our workers to use the GIG platform.

Where can I find work?

We have a wide range of shifts across the Hospitality, Retail and Warehousing industry throughout the UK. We currently provide shifts in London and the South East, The Midlands, Nothamptonshire and Staffordshire, Scotland and the North West including Manchester. We have a number of roles where we provide travel and accomodation from London to various locations across the UK.

How fast can I get work?

As an on-demand service, you can find work nearly instantly through the GIG Seeker App. However, you will need to pop into one of our offices to verify that you can legally work in the UK – this is a requirement by law. From there you’ll have access to 1000’s of shifts! Please also be aware that while there is no restriction on the number of shifts you can apply for, you may not always be accepted for roles that you are either not qualified for or have no experience in.

Can I work full-time?

The flexibility of the GIG Seeker App means you can work full-time, part-time or on an ad-hoc basis - it’s really up to you

How much will I get paid?

Pay varies based on job, location and industry type and we are always as competitive as we can be.

Do I need to provide my own uniform?

Yes, all GIG Seekers will need to supply their own uniform. However, we do provide the opportunity to purchase uniform in a number of our UK offices – simply speak to a member from our accounts team at your local office for more details. The only exception to this is our COVID-19 testers working through the government who will be provided with the necesary PPE as their uniform.

What is my payslip password

You payslip password is your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy

How do holidays work?

You accrue holidays for every hour worked. This is the equivelent of 21 days holiday per year, if you were to work full time hours. You can only claim days when these total a half or a full day. To request holidays you need to email requesting how much time you would like to take and on which days. Note: You cannot work a full week and claim holidays on that same week.

Payment weeks explained

Gig's payment weeks are processed 1 week and paid the following. So, for example, Week 1 - Jack works Monday - Friday Week 2 - This payment is processed the following Thursday Week 3 - This is then paid on the next Monday This is the same for each week you work.

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