GIG - Hotel Ibis: a Local Solution To Staffing Problems
Hotel Ibis: a Local Solution To Staffing Problems

Designed by renowned Glaswegian architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the ibis Styles George Square boasts an artistic flair that truly reflects what it means to live in Glasgow. Inspired by the beating heart of the city, the décor reflects the landmarks, culture and people of Glasgow and celebrates the city's proud past, current coups and future feats.

Having recently expanded to the culture-rich city ourselves, we sat down with ibis to learn more about their approach to recruitment, company culture and industry best practice.

“In the past, we have struggled to keep the right worker on our books due to the fluctuations of work and availability of shifts.”

As a well-established hotel in the heart of Glasgow, Ibis George Square wasn’t short of available workers. However, it was short of a specific type of worker and also the time needed to source him or her. The 101 room Hotel required a fast-thinking, adaptable worker that could accommodate both tourists and residents, while still embracing what it means to be a part of the Glasgow way of life.

“Finding the time to source and recruit quality, flexible candidates has always been an issue for us,” said Lynsey MacDarmaid, ibis Glasgow’s Hotel Manager. “In the past, we have struggled to keep the right worker on our books due to the fluctuations of work and availability of shifts.”

As an agency that prides itself on being flexible and receptive to client’s needs, we set out to provide a service that felt local, reliable and instinctive to the team at ibis George Square. In doing so, our regional manager for Glasgow, Janette Graham, sought out candidates that were familiar with the region, had experience in large, fast-paced hotels and were dedicated to helping local businesses succeed. In addition to this, we were also able to provide a service that would permit Lynsey to source more permanent roles through the app. – allowing her to attract and retain high-quality workers for more extended periods of time.

Lynsey required someone who was flexible and available on-demand, with plenty of relevant experience in waiting and bartending. Being smart in presentation and happy to interact with clients was also crucial.

“We couldn’t be happier with the Gig Seeker who worked for us. She arrived with a strong, positive attitude and got stuck in right way. The ability to use a mobile app made the recruitment process not only faster but also much easier to onboard candidates. The interface was simple and easy to use, and as an adaptable service, we were able to get the very best out of the product.” 

Open discussion is essential to understanding the needs and requirements of local businesses when expanding into new regions. As a Hotel with a strong reputation locally, the need to ensure that all staff - whether full time or temporary - are in touch with the company’s ethos and culture is fundamental.

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