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The GIG Premium service takes care of
all the time consuming challenges that
surround staff procurement.

Our dedicated account management solution oversees the entire booking process, from filling the shift to checking out, so that you can fully focus on day-to-day requirements of your own business.

Simply post your shifts and we'll take care of the rest...
Shift Fulfilment
Once you shift has been posted we will active filter through the list of candidates and select the seeker who is suited to your role.
Booking Management
As an end-to-end service we'll contact candidates directly in order to communicate any special requirement for your role and work with you to quickly fill those last-minute shifts.
24/7 Support
You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be immediately available to you through your booking if you require any addition support.
From Gig to Gig...

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To understand how the GIG Premium
Service can work for you and your
business, book in a call with a member
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