We take the headache out of staffing.

Dedicated account management. Right-to-work checks. Training and skills tests on all workers. Payroll taken care of. Leaving you free to focus on your business. 

How GIG can support your business during and after COVID-19

At GIG, we are in a great position to utilise our app technology to quickly and efficiently re-deploy those who find themselves out of work into the industries that are in need of staff support during this time. 

We are proudly supporting front line teams across the UK, we are flexible and can provide high quality staff to those companies that need them most. ​

We are also working with businesses to assist with their lockdown exit plans and the need to have flexible staffing for ongoing or last minute bookings whilst managing staff out of Furlough or rebuilding their workforce.  

We have partnered with WiHTL (Women in Hospitality Travel and Leisure) to re-deploy out of work staff to the industries that need staff the most.  

How GIG Works

Connect with skilled, flexible workers - instantly.


  1. Register - we will walk through your needs, set you up as a client and introduce you to your account manager. You can be posting shifts within hours. 

  2. Post a ‘gig’ - detail pay, location, uniform, and any other requirements.

  3. Check-in/Check-out staff - easy check-in and check-out, even rate them on performance.

  4. Save money and time - our clients save up to 15% on staffing costs.


We take care of all the time-consuming challenges that surround staff procurement and any training requirements.  


trained & certified 
GIG Seekers


on recruitment and employment costs


shift fulfilment rate

Register your interest for one of the team to contact you. Or Log in to post a shift now. 








Facilities Management.

Why choose Gig? 

We take the headache out of staffing. Leaving you free to focus on your business.

Dedicated account management team


Right to work checks


Training and skills tests on all applicants 


We process all payroll and ensure all statutory requirements are met. Including Holiday pay for all. 

Our flexible employment platform provides a cost-effective, efficient and direct method of acquiring high-quality talent compared to traditional recruitment methods. We are committed to making gig work work by providing a fair and transparent solution to temp staffing that benefits both business and worker.

Ayr Racecourse

Just want to say a massive thank you after a fantastically successful Ayr Gold Cup. Our main sponsors were delighted and all our guests had a fantastic time. Thanks to the Whole GIG team for the hard work and assistance. 


Quality of service is what attracted us to GIG the on-demand staff we receive from GIG are very capable, can pick up the work quickly and easily, and most importantly fit in seamlessly with the rest of the warehouse crew. 


The team from GIG were great, they had a very good attitude and were focussed throughout. The supervisors were also on top of the event and managed the team well throughout the evening. 

Shift Fulfilment

Once you shift has been posted we will actively filter through our list of trained candidates and select the worker best suited to your business.

End-to-end Support

GIG service takes care of 
all the time-consuming challenges that
surround staff procurement.

Our dedicated account management team oversees the entire booking process, from filling the shift to checking out, so that you can fully focus on the day-to-day requirements of your own business.

Booking Management

As an end-to-end service we'll contact candidates directly in order to communicate any special requirement for your role and work with you to quickly fill those last-minute shifts.

24/7 Support

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be immediately available to you through your booking if you require any addition support.