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Employee of the Month


Denilson has gone above and beyond these last few weeks, getting some amazing feedback from Aldi supervisors and really supporting the GIG team on site, helping with the smooth change over on a Thursday, to getting the bus loaded from the Best Western, doing check out with the Supervisors, really has gone out of his comfort zone and proved he is an asset to the team.


Welcome to your Corby Guide.


Weekly Winners Special Mention








It's all about trust.

A solid operation is at the foundation of every successful logistics brand. Here at GIG we’re here to propel it into to something our clients will trust time and time again.

iForce Corby is one of our largest clients in the UK and week in week out we’ve been successfully sending 100’s of our workers to Corby to support all their warehouse needs. Our GIG Hub model is a proven success and our pool of enthusiastic workers have helped us achieve this. Our Corby Hall of fame says it all!

As we grow, our worker’s need for information does too, so for all things Corby Hub, this guide will cover everything you need to know and will help you become all set to work at our largest and most dynamic HUB. Whenever you have a question or you’re trying to find the right person to talk to, this page will have you covered.

Hey, you may even make it on our very own hall of fame.

Get familiar with these faces:

Tony Carnall.jpg

Anthony (Tony) Carnall

Account Manager


07708 844 121

Tony looks after all the bookings for Corby, from ensuring all the shifts are posted onto the app to accepting seekers to the shift patterns.

He is there as a support function for you, the site as well as his team of supervisors and team leaders. He can be found based at either the Best Western or the Holiday Inn making sure you are up and out with a breakfast bag in hand.

Simon Hamill.jpg

Simon Hamill



Simon is based at the Holiday Inn, he will ensure you are up and out with breakfast in hand ready to start you shift.


Whether this be 6am, 8am or 10am. Simon is also on site to help with the smooth running of operations from a GIG perspective as well as being there to support the team and ensure breaks are adhered too.

Pamela Dumas.jpg

Pamela Dumas



Pamela is based at the Best Western Hotel where she will be in the morning to ensure you are up, you get your breakfast, and she will travel with you on the coach most days.


She is onsite to assist with any issues that may occur and be there if you need anything. Working with the iForce team and Brent to ensure break times are adhered too.

Brent Niemadt.jpg

Brent Niemandt



Brent will be there Monday to Friday doing the sign in at reception in the morning and some evenings to do the sign out. 


He also does the induction/site tours for the new guys when they arrive. He assists with the Aldi allocations with the designated Aldi Supervisors. You will see him most days as he will also be there to ensure break times are adhered too.

Our friendly, approachable team of professionals are here to help you whatever your concerns. Any queries, questions or emergencies please do not hesitate to speak them. They are always happy to help!

General Corby Contact: 


Corby Hub Phone: 07802 329252

Travel, Accomodation and Work

How will I get to and from Corby?

Your transport both to and from Corby is arranged for you, free of charge. Your coach will depart from a designated location on King Street, opposite Ravenscourt Park and on the corner of Beavor Lane, West London. This is located on the main road by the turning to Beavor Lane where the GIG offices are located. This is also where you will be dropped off at the end of your 4 day shift rotation.


Please meet at the coach to check in. You must arrive at the departure location 30 minutes before the coach departs to check in with a GIG team-member. Once checked you will be boarded onto the coach. The coach trip will take 2 hours and 30 minutes on average, this may be longer depending on traffic.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 12.08.35.png

What uniform clothes do I need to bring?

It is advisable to bring the following clothing with you: For work, you will need to bring:

  • Black t-shirt or polo to wear under your High vis vest.

  • Hard wearing trousers or cargo trousers, black in colour

  • A warm jacket or jumper, black or dark in colour, in case it is cold

  • Steel toe cap safety boots - you will not be able to work without these!

  • Comfortable socks for work.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 12.13.40.png

What time does the coach leave?

Monday to Thursday rotation:

The coach will depart on Sunday afternoon. Arrive at the coach at 2pm to check in for a 2.30pm departure.

After completing your final shift on Thursday, the coach will pick you up from the hotel and take you back to London. You should be in London by 4.30pm/5pm depending on traffic.

Thursday to Sunday rotation:

The coach will depart on Thursday morning. Arrive at the coach at 9:00am to check in for 9:30am departure.

After completing your final shift, the coach will pick you up and take you back to London. You should be in London by 7.30pm/8pm depending on traffic.

Please note when leaving from London, do not be late for the check ins or you may have to arrange your own travel. Always check your route before you travel to avoid any disruptions and delays.

What is available at the hotel for me?

You will be given your own room for the duration of your stay.

Each individual room has:

- Private ensuite shower and bathroom

-Tea and coffee making facilities

- Free Wi-Fi

The hotel also has a gym, swimming pool, restaurant, and bar that you will be able to use at your leisure unless covid restrictions are in place.

Can I get trained on PPT/MHE?

Does the hotel provide food?

A free light breakfast each morning is included in your stay. Breakfast will be available at the hotel. You can grab your breakfast right before you leave for your shift. Breakfast is in the restaurant area.

Your breakfast will include:

-Tea or Coffee

- Choice of fresh juice (orange / apple etc.)

- Pastry

- Fruit

Are there any shops nearby?

There is a small town with various restaurants and shops including a Tesco Extra. The town is a 20–30 minute walk or bus ride away. Or you can use the local taxi company Star Cars, their number is 01536 443322.

The hotel room does not include a fridge or microwave so please bear this in mind when shopping. It is advised you buy non-perishable foods/foods that can be stored at room temperature and may only require hot water such as:

  • Dried instant noodles 

  • Canned fish and poultry

  • Snacks; nuts, dried fruit, crisps, rice cakes, breakfast/protein bars

  • Fruit; bananas, apples, pears

Why do I need to sign in at the Octogon, at the security desk and with the Iforce supervisor?

GIG do not offer any PPT training, but if this is something of interest you will need to speak to iForce to see if they are willing to train you during your working hours.

If you would like MHE Fork Lift training, this is something we can offer through our apprenticeship programme which you will need to commit to for a year.


To apply your interest please follow this link:

Warehouse Apprenticeship | GIG (

We ask that you go through the Octagon room when leaving the hotel, this way you can collect your breakfast, grab a juice or coffee and the Supervisor based at the Holiday Inn knows who has left the hotel for the shift and can communicate with the supervisor doing the sign in at the security desk.


You must always sign in at the security desk as this is a Fire Register, that way we will know who is in the building and it also acts as a timesheet for you to be paid.

Absence and Sickness 

I’ve applied for a rotation and I won’t be able to make it, what should I do?

The coach is leaving today, but I can’t make it!

If you have applied to work a rotation and it’s pending, go to the pending section, click on the application and scroll down to the tab at the bottom which says ‘cancel application’, click it and this will be removed from the pending section and will be live back on the shifts section on the app so someone else can fulfil that space.

If you have been accepted onto the rotation, you are expected to work it, however if you have an emergency with a valid reason as to why you cannot work, you must cancel immediately so the team can begin filling this position. However, you must also speak to your account manager or email with the valid reason or you risk being blocked from the GIG App. 

I am trying to book a shift on the app but I don’t see the shift.

If the shift isn’t appearing on the app, it might be because it may be fully booked, or alternatively it may not have been added just yet, so you will need to keep an eye on the app in the meantime.

I want to do overtime, how can I arrange that?

If you’re running late, please contact your account manager or call the GIG office to speak to a team member and let them know why you’re late and how long you will be. Depending on how long you will take, they may be able to wait for you, but if you will be very late you may need to arrange your own transport to the hotel.

If you can’t make your rotation at all you will need to provide a valid reason as to why this has happened at the last minute. The account manager will review your reason and if your reason is not a valid excuse, the account manager has the right to suspend your account.

I’m in Corby and I need to leave early, what should I do?

If you wish to leave your work early you will need to first speak with a member of the GIG team and inform them of your decision. You will need to also provide a valid reason as to why you have decided to leave at short notice during your rotation. If your reason for leaving early is not related to a personal or family emergency, then please note that you will forfeit your worker contract and you will not be able to work on any future shifts with GIG at iForce. You will need to arrange your own transport home and you will be asked to pay for any nights which you stay with GIG at iForce without working.

Please note the prevailing rate of £40 plus VAT per night will be chargeable to you in this event.

If overtime becomes available you will need to apply through the app, if you cannot see anything on the app then it would mean that the rotation is currently full. But feel free to mention your interest to one of the Supervisors.

I am feeling sick and won’t be able to attend my shift, who should I speak to?

I am tired and have worked x amount of days already, can I have a day off tomorrow?

The maximum rotations in a row you can do is 3, if you feel you are unable to complete these and require time off then please discuss with the supervisors on site or cancel any overtime you may have been accepted on.

If you are sick and physically unable to go to your shift, you will need to inform your onsite supervisor when they are doing the check in’s that morning.


Our supervisors will do their best to help our workers attend their shift - sometimes it takes some food, water or even a simple intake of paracetamol to make you feel better! However, if you have followed your supervisor’s advice and it does not help then we will understand this will need to be a sick day.

Please be aware any days you are off sick, that you will incur a £40 charge for the room you are staying in that night – this will be deducted from your pay.

Whilst working away from home we encourage our workers to stay hydrated, eat well and follow a good sleep routine.

Please note:

If failing to commit to your shifts or rotations starts to form a pattern, the account manager has the right to suspend your GIG account due to your unreliability. If it’s your first shift rotation, and you have failed to show up for your rotation, then you are instantly forfeiting your worker contract and you will not be able to work on any future shifts with GIG at iForce.

We have Warehousing Apprenticeships 

Build a career in a growing industry!


Free Fork Lift Licence

Up to 45+ hours per week & weekly pay 

Earn the same as your colleagues 

30% TFL and NUS discounts

Easy access to online learning to fit around your life. 

1-2-1 Tutor Support sessions

Dedicated GIG Account Managers 

Progression opportunities within a growing industry 

£5000 worth of free training


Join many of your Corby colleagues in gaining their Level 2 Warehousing Apprenticeship qualification.  

Speak to your GIG Supervisor on site or:

Payroll  Enquiries

When do I get paid?

You will be paid weekly, but let's break down how pay works...

Payment weeks explained

Jack works the Monday to Friday shift. 

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.50.png

We take a week to confirm and process payments. These are processed every Thursday and payments will arrive in your bank the following Monday.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.53.png

So for your Monday to Thursday shift your payment processing and payment days will look like the following...

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.56.png

Split payment weeks explained

Jane works the Thursday to Sunday rotation and does overtime from Monday to Wednesday, working 7 days straight in total.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.34.png

Our cut off point for each week is a Sunday so your payment will be split across two 

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.37.png

We take a week to confirm and process payments. These are processed every Thursday and payments will arrive in your bank the following Monday.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.53.png

So for your Thursday to Sunday shift, the processing and payment days will look like the following...

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.05.46.png

Now you should understand when to expect your pay. If you still find that you are missing payment, please contact our payroll team (contact details below).

Where’s my payslip and how do I open it?

Your pay slip is sent straight to your email, please check your junk/spam folder incase it's directed to there.


Your payslip is password protected. To access it you will need to enter your date of birth in this format: dd/mm/yyyy and then you will be allowed instant access.

When can I use my holiday and much do I have?

You are entitled to holiday pay on every shift. You accrue holiday for every hour you work. To find request your holiday please contact the payroll team. Please note: you must have accrued at least a full day to claim this. This will be automatically processed by payroll on the next suitable week. Please include the specific week you wish to take this on if you have one. Holiday cannot be paid out on the same week you work.

Other contacts

Can we take time off at any time?

As long as you’ve earned the holiday then you will be allowed to take the time off. If you have not accrued enough holiday and you would like time-off, it will be taken as unpaid holiday.

Please note, if you work on a regular rotation and you decide to not work one week, your space will be filled by another seeker and you may find it difficult to get back onto the rotation especially during quiet periods.

For Payroll enquiries:


Phone: 020 8600 2926 

E mail: 


For Recruitment enquiries:

Phone: 020 8600 2911 (Opt 1)

E mail:

For General enquiries:

Phone: 020 8600 2911 (Opt 2)

E mail:


Refer a Friend and get £50!

Have you got mates sitting at home wanting to work? Well, why not bring them along to GIG to join our ever-growing Corby Hub community.

How to get involved? Your friend will need to send their CV to our recruiters. The recruiter will review their CV and invite them in for an interview if they are suitable for the role. Your friend will need to pass your details onto the recruiter at the time of interview.

What’s the catch? The only catch is they will need to complete 3, 44-hour shift rotations, it is as simple as that! Then a lovely £50 bonus will be added to your pay-check. Sounds good right?

For an update on whether your referred friend has completed their 3 shift rotations and you are eligible for the £50 bonus, you can get in touch with Payroll.

Please be aware, the Refer a Friend scheme cannot be backdated to someone who signed up previously. There is no limit to how many friends you refer if the above terms are completed. If you or your referred friend cancel within 24 hours of a shift or are no-shows to shifts, then you will no longer be eligible for the bonus. 

Corby Hub’s

Best in Class

You might have noticed our Hall of Fame at the top. Many of our workers have been doing a fantastic job up in Corby and we are just showing some love and appreciation! We’ve brought in an exciting awards program for the ‘best in class’.

Whilst at work, you will be monitored for your hard work, behaviour, improvement, and dedication. Each week your shift manager will choose a worthy worker to win a £25 voucher. But that’s not all, the winner will also be entered into a draw to be in with a chance to become our Employee of the Month and win a further £100 cash prize. Winning never became so easy!


Fancy making the cut? Sure you do!

For further information, please speak to our account manager Tony. If you’re unable to speak to him in person, please refer to our ‘meet the team’ section where you will find his contact details.

Moving to Corby

Since 2011 Corby has been known as the fastest growing town in the whole of England with its growing supply of work and its appealing low-cost homes.

As we transport our workers each week from London’s hustle and bustle to Corby’s calming countryside, it is no surprise that working away from home has been an exciting adventure for many with some even looking at making a permanent move. If you are looking at just that, you will need to become a permanent iForce worker to ensure the security of your position in Corby. We are here to make that temp to perm transition with iForce an easy process so it is vital you let us know before you make the move to Corby to avoid any issues.

If you are thinking about moving to Corby, please fill out the form below.

Please note: if you choose to move up but do not tell us, you may be left without a job. It is vital that this is organised properly through GIG or you risk not having a job to go to.

Interested in moving to Corby? 
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