Alcoholic beverage -
Cocktails / Mixology

An Alcoholic Beverage Service - Cocktails/Mixology
qualification will see you gain a knowledge and understanding
of a variety of alcoholic beverages, their basic characteristics,
the equipment required to store, prepare and serve, as well as
storage conditions required for optimum quality.

Specialising in cocktails and mixology, this course will
specifically cover:

A thorough understanding of the primary cocktail
most commonly used in hospitality
An understanding of fundamental ingredients,
methods of preparation procedures
Specific information and wording to help customer
An understanding of different serving styles
The necessary equipment and storage procedures for
cocktail making.
This qualification will give you the confidence to provide accurate
information on a wide variety of cocktails, as well as create a range
of cocktails based off customer input and requests, allowing you to
become a high-class mixologist